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Custom-made double doors for
The Royal Theater

made as exact replicas of original doors.

For 250 years, the Royal Danish Theatre has been the setting for opera, plays and ballet in the center of Copenhagen. When Gamle Scene was to be renovated, Vahle, in collaboration with Rønnow Arkitekter, delivered new doors with extended functional requirements.

The handles for the new double doors are reused from the original doors.

Klassiske fyldningsdøre til det kongelige teater
Classic panel doors for the Royal Theater

The Old Stage has been renovated

with new doors that improve both acoustics and security.

Classic panel doors for the Royal Theater

The new doors are exact replicas

of the original doors.

The Royal Theater

The functionality of the doors has been improved,

without compromising the original architecture.

Classic panel doors for the Royal Theater

The beautiful old door handles

are all reused on the new doors.

Classic panel doors for the Royal Theater

The double doors blend in with the wall,

made possible by concealed door closers.

Classic panel doors for the Royal Theater

The doors are all in different sizes

in a house filled with lots of odd angles.

Classic panel doors for the Royal Theater

The concealed door closer

maximizes both comfort and expression.

New double doors like the original, but made as fire and sound doors.

The original door handles reused

The new panel doors had to be a faithful replica of the old doors, with the old door handles applied so that the original look could remain intact. They are manufactured with integrated fire protection and sound reduction, as well as concealed door closers. The door closers ensure that the interior doors blend in with the hall wall when closed. To match the falling spectator scene, the underside of the doors are slanted.

Hangers facilitate installation of double doors

As the building is a listed building, the installation of the doors had to be carried out without interfering with the surroundings. That’s why Vahle supplied the double doors with special auxiliary hangers.

The hangers ensured that the concealed door closers could be installed independently of the existing frames. The hangers made the work considerably easier, says Niels Henrik Rasmussen, CEO of INTERN A/S, who handled the installation of the finished doors.

Panel doors improve acoustics and security

Architect Camilla L. Nybye from Rønnow Arkitekter explains that the old doors did not sufficiently screen out external noise during the performances. Therefore, the panel doors had to be replaced, also because the fire reports showed that the doors did not provide the necessary fire protection, says the architect.

Skewed angles require special doors

Camilla L. Nybye points out that a project like this requires a lot of preparatory work prior to the actual production. One of the biggest challenges was that the building is full of crooked angles. No two doors are the same in dimensions. Therefore, custom doors had to be individually measured and manufactured with room for adjustments along the way.

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