Architectural wooden sliding doors

Tailor-made solutions in modern Danish design

At Vahle, all our doors are created from scratch, based on the proud Danish craftsmanship and design traditions that are known around the world. The unwavering focus on simple, functional design and the choice of the best materials make for a very special sliding door experience. In our solutions, the wooden sliding door becomes a piece of furniture that has a high, independent aesthetic value that is also adapted to the style and expression of the room and building.

Invite nature into your interior design

As experienced carpenters who have been creating unique door solutions since 1976, we offer many different types of sliding wooden doors – from the simple, classic sliding door to a tall floor-to-ceiling sliding door or a bi-directional sliding door. You can have a Vahle sliding door almost any way you want it.

You can also choose between different types of wood that are classic in Danish and Scandinavian design, each with their own special glow. All the materials we use are chosen with quality in mind. A quality that is reflected in both the structure and durability of the wood. The result is a door that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

Sliding doors made from wood chosen with the environment in mind

At Vahle, we prioritize due care for the environment throughout our production of wooden sliding doors. Since high quality wood is at the heart of everything we do, it’s only natural for us to take responsibility for protecting the material that underpins all our products. That’s why we cultivate sustainability as a ubiquitous discipline – and have done so long before it became a trend in society. We are constantly striving to become even better at producing sliding doors with minimal CO2 emissions and choosing wood from climate-certified forests whose values harmonize with our own ambition to become the country’s first climate-neutral manufacturing company. Via the link below, you can read more about how we are working towards our clear climate goals.

How we fulfill our responsibility as a Klimaklar Produktionsvirksomhed.


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Why sliding doors are ideal solutions in modern interior design

The sliding door is a practical solution that creates extra space compared to a regular door. At Vahle, we offer both wall-mounted and concealed models. This gives it a particularly clean and elegant look that fits in with the minimalist Scandinavian style that suits a wide range of environments in both private and commercial settings.

Design that creates a tangible emotional connection

Beyond the visual appeal, a Vahle sliding door is designed to feel as comfortable as possible. Several of our sliding doors are made with soft close or magic touch mechanisms, which cause the sliding door to close with a certain tactile feel that you may be familiar with from high-quality kitchen drawers and cabinets.

Come and visit our showroom in Djursland

If you’re interested in how a sliding door feels, you’re welcome to visit our active showroom, which is housed in our own administrative offices. Here you can take a closer look at a variety of doors and get inspired to choose the doors that best suit your needs. Here you will also see our joinery workshop, where all our wooden sliding doors start as raw wood and through classic craftsmanship take shape and become an architectural joinery door created with attention to detail.

Please contact us in advance so we can take the time to show you around and answer any questions you may have.

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Contact us if you need personalized advice on choosing the right wooden sliding door for your construction project

With all the different options we offer you, it can be difficult to choose the right solution. Since all Vahle sliding doors are manufactured using the classic virtues of joinery, we are able to meet many of the design and functional requirements of our customers and partners.

We are always ready with relevant knowledge if you are interested in the possibilities of modern sliding doors

That’s why you’re more than welcome to contact us early in the planning phase, where we can give you better insight into the options that are not shown in our inspiration gallery or product descriptions on this website. For us, it’s nothing but a pleasure to help make demanding projects succeed through our specialized skills and experience. That’s why we invite you to have a no-obligation chat with us when you need a great result.

French doors as sliding doors in a classic villa

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Vahle doors are sold directly from our factory in Denmark.

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