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Classic sliding doors

Sliding doors that create and define space

A Vahle Sliding Door is an elegant, aesthetic and space-saving door solution.

A sliding door in a classic design can accentuate the architecture of a classic building, just like a regular panel door.

It’s a functional solution that’s great for smaller rooms because it doesn’t take up much floor space.

Benefits of sliding doors

Space saving

A sliding door doesn’t take up floor space as it doesn’t have to swing into the room.


Smooth transition

A sliding door provides a smooth transition between rooms.


For small spaces

A sliding door provides more floor space in small rooms and hallways.

Soft Close

Experience the same comfortable comfort you know from kitchen drawers.

Classic Sliding Door Double Door

Beautiful double sliding doors are an aesthetically pleasing, elegant and functional solution.

Sliding doors are both practical and decorative

In some cases, Vahle Sliding Doors have no frames, so the door gap is fully utilized for the door leaf itself. It also provides a larger gap to let light and air in.

You decide what look you want the door to have to match your style or the architecture of the building. Sliding glass doors allow you to invite light and air inside. If you choose a sliding door such as a solid wood door, it will look decorative when closed and provide full access to light and air when open.

A sliding door opens up new possibilities

A Vahle Sliding Door is a door that is attached to rails at the top and either slides or pulls aside. Sliding doors are a great indoor solution in many homes, as they can make use of the limited space in small rooms, cover a bookcase or act as a room divider between, for example, the living room and kitchen.

If you’re considering a sliding door with a lock for a bathroom, for example, that’s also an option.

Classic double sliding door

At Hotel D’Angleterre, we have made classic sliding doors as double doors.

Classic cloud cover

A sliding door does not take up floor space in the rooms, but provides the functionality of the door.

There are two types of sliding doors

Sliding doors built into the wall. Built-in sliding doors disappear discreetly when not in use. When pulled out from the wall, they appear more like mobile walls than regular doors. This solution requires space for the door leaf inside the wall.

Sliding doors that hang on the outside of the wall. A door that hangs on the wall is ideal if you want a more contrasting solution. This solution requires space for the door to hang on the wall by the doorway.

Two door systems

Sliding doors are available with two systems:

Soft Close: The door closes itself the last 10 cm, providing a soft and gentle opening and closing.

Magic Close: In this system, the sliding door track is hidden whether the door is open or closed. The built-in restraint ensures smooth opening and closing.

Hv 19 Classic Sliding Door Double Door

Beautiful classic sliding doors with faceted glass in a classic villa.

Classic Sliding Doors With Beveled Glass

Should your door push boundaries?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch and let’s put your dreams into action together. You are always welcome to give us a call or send us an email.

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What does a Vahle Sliding Door cost?

When you order a door from us, we’ll calculate a price and give you a quote.

As with all other Vahle Doors, we also build our sliding doors to measure. This means we can build your doors to your measurements and customize the design according to both your wishes and the architecture of the building.

We sell our doors directly from our factory in Denmark. We take every inquiry as an invitation to talk to you about your building and the dreams and wishes you have for your door solutions.

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What does a Vahle Sliding Door cost

We can design a classic sliding door like this double door according to your wishes for size and panels. We calculate a price based on your wishes and requirements for design and dimensions.

Vahle doors are sold directly from our factory in Denmark.

Architect, contractor, craftsman, carpenter or owner? No matter who you are, we’re here to help, advise and guide you. Contact us at:


T. +45 86 37 24 77

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