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Sct. St. Paul’s Church – interior doors

that blends in with the white wall.

Sct. St. Paul’s Church, built in 1887, is an active church that has long wanted more space.

In 2017, the church got an extension that provides space for offices and brings the life of the church together.

Vahle has produced interior doors that connect the extension on either side of the church to the sanctuary.

Glatte døre med usynlige hænglser Sct. Pauls kirke Aarhus
Smooth doors with invisible hinges Sct. St. Paul's Church Aarhus

The white, smooth door blends discreetly into the church space,

but is discreetly accentuated with a brass rail around the door.

Smooth doors with invisible hinges Sct. St. Paul's Church Aarhus

The elegant white door has invisible hinges,

for a minimalist and simple look.

Replicated and upgraded with fire requirements

The original infill door

is recreated exactly.

Egeris Church oak double door

Applicable fire requirements are met

with all new doors.

Smooth doors with invisible hinges Sct. St. Paul's Church Aarhus

The smooth doors are white against the church room,

and darkness towards the extension.

Replicated and upgraded with fire requirements

New infill door with 10 infills,

side by side with an original infill door.

Replicated and upgraded with fire requirements

The original tree ring,

that was typical of the time has been recreated,

White, smooth interior doors create a connection between the church space and the extension.

Smooth doors blend in with the wall

Two smooth doors have been made to the long sides of the church. The doors are white with concealed hinges and integrated door pumps. Therefore, they appear almost invisible in the church space.

“We used this solution to maintain the main axis of the space and preserve the hierarchy of the doors,” says architect Eva Holdgaard Jensen, partner at E+N Arkitektur, who designed the extension.


When the door hinges are concealed, the door has a clean and minimalist look.

Similarly, Bestseller ‘s internal wooden doors have concealed hinges and door pumps.

Brass track accentuates the interior door

“Although the door shouldn’t draw attention to itself, we chose to place a brass rail around the door to highlight it anyway,” explains the architect.

Functionally, the rail also hides the inaccuracies that exist in the old wall surrounding the interior door. The door handle is also in brass to connect to the other elements in the church that are in brass, such as the chandeliers.

Infill door is a copy of original door

A filling door has been installed in a side chamber to the apse. With ten infills, the door is a replica of the original door, so it fits into the space where there are also original doors.

“The dark brown replica door has a wooden ring similar to the old doors, which is characteristic of the period in which the doors were created,” explains Eva Holdgaard Jensen.

The interior doors are optimized with fire requirements

The original infill door was replaced with a glass door in a previous renovation.

This door has now been replaced with a new one, as it was a requirement from the authorities that the doors had to be fire doors. That’s why both the modern smooth doors and the traditional panel door are upgraded with fire requirements.

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