Modern and Classic Doors from the Top Shelf - in One and the Same House. 

Starting point in this renovation project is a house of high class built in early modernistic style. A very beautiful house still somewhat tired.


Superior Quality and Excellent Craftmanship

”I was allowed to pick from the top shelf in this project” tells architect Rasmus Frimer Andersen, and he elaborates ”This was not because it had to be expensive, but it should be lovely, nice and exquisite and most importantly - it should do justice to the house.”

This challenge has been met by combining elements from different architectonic styles. "The greatest challenge in this project was that I would definitely not make any architectonic changes if I could not defend it as being better than the existing. Therefore, my fundament was to always choose high quality in products and craftsmanship whenever something was altered. Only then could I defend changing the existing," explains architect  Rasmus Frimer Andersen/2R Arkitekter.

Several Architectonic Styles Work Together 

The overall architectural solution of the house was to maintain the original style and add a little romantic. The entire basement, a smaller extension, the stairways and the kitchen were all renovated in a more modern style.

The original style with a touch of patrician style is apparent in the choice of glass doors and glass elements as here between living room and dining room and at the top floor of the house. 

Glass door and glass element manufactured by Vahle.



Modern Style Connected with the Original through Materials of High Quality

The basement is destinctively different from great parts of the rest of the house conveyed by having its own style. Here a more modern style has been chosen. The doors are panel doors with panels made of solid douglas pine planks and integrated in the architecture by making the door part of a cabinet wall. Door and wall melt together as an entity of its own. The bright colours of the wood play well with the rest of the materials of the house. 

”It has been a pleasure working with Vahle in this project. You have both broadness from classic to modern in your programme, and then you have a very wide range of alternatives and they are all clever choices of high standards. A very competent cabinet maker recommended you. Thanks to you and all the other manufacturers and craftsmen we have collaborated with we end up with a result that we are all very satisfied with”.

Arkitekt 2R Arkitekter

Technical description Glass doors and glass elements ∙ Panel doors with panels of douglas planks


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