Dinesen FRAMED by Vahle is the fundament of the house

A newly built architect designed house in three levels inspired by functionalism is situated at a high spot by the bay. It is the owners’ third building project in which they have incorporated all good elements from their previous houses in the new house with an ambition of building it on top of the internal doors!

Extremely tall doors underline the height of the house

In the former house there was a very tall hallway with walls of concrete and Douglas wooden floors. The owners were very pleased with the hallway except for the doors, that were standard mass-produced doors.  Therefore, the ambition came up to build a house with height underlined by tall doors. This way the doors have become the fundamental elements on which the house is built. The doors are all 270 cm high and many visitors claim that they give a Mediterranean style to the house.

Douglas and concrete

The owners of the house have chosen Dinesen FRAMED by Vahle for all 8 internal doors made of Dinesen Douglas Classic planks. First and foremost, it is the owners’ fascination with concrete and wood, in particular Douglas, that formed this solution. In the former house they chose Douglas wooden floors whereas they have chosen concrete in the new house.

Consequently, an idea arose to board the walls with Douglas in stead of. Apart from the doors also stairs and windowsills are made of Douglas.

Light and elegant

Despite having 8 large, heavy and solid doors it does not harm the aesthetics of the house according to the owners. The elegance and elegance of the house remain even though the doors in some places are placed close to each other.

Heavy, solid doors with the same demands for the door handle

The owners demanded heavy, solid doors. Similarly, they wanted the door handles to also be both heavy and solid. Therefore, they chose handles made of smoked bronze made by Buster + Punch.

Invisible hinges and narrow door frame

Invisible hinges and narrow door frames are crucial in making a simple and light solution. At the same time invisible hinges have the effect that the doors take up less space which, in particular, in smaller rooms like the bathroom is important.

“We are more than satisfied with our doors. They are so beautiful, and we have not had any visitors yet who have not noticed. There have been quite a few challenges with the housing project, so we were excitedly happy when the doors came - everything worked, the doors fit and the whole process has worked so smoothly. It has been a please working with you. The only regret we have is, that we did not have our exterior doors made by you as well”.

Owner's quote.

Technical specifications Dinesen FRAMED by Vahle ∙ Flush doors in Douglas  ∙ Invisible hinges




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