Sliding Doors


At Vahle we value craftsmanship, function and design. It is important to us that you are satisfied with the sliding door you receive which at the same time should be integrated in the interior and architecture of the building.


Large, white sliding doors.

In this villa designed by architects large sliding doors go into the walls and become part of the architecture.


Large sliding doors

A large door is ideal for contemporary architecture with high ceilings. Vahle makes large sliding doors with a strong focus on a high level of functionality, modern design and great craftsmanship.

Learn more about the two sliding door systems

Decorate with sliding doors

Depending on the design you choose you can achieve several different looks. Whether you desire a white sliding door in a classical style or contrasting doors made from natural materials, we can help you.

Sliding door advantages:

  • A sliding door do not take up much floor space.
  • A sliding door provides a smooth transition between rooms.
  • A sliding door provides more floor space in small rooms and corridors.
  • A sliding door do not slam when you ventilate the house.
  • A sliding door makes less noise when opening and closing than a regular door.



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