Pivot Doors


Pivot doors are fitted with hinges at the top and bottom as opposed to regular flush doors which are hinged at the side. The door is available in large sizes enabling you to have the door you require.


The pivot door as a movable wall

This type of door acts like a movable wall. Pivot doors are very easy to open and close because the weight of the door is distributed evenly. The door construction makes for a flexible design tool for the architect.




Pivot doors with a surface made from pine.

In this project the pivot doors have a surface made from pine adding a warm feel to the ailes.


The door is integrated in the wall

The door can be integrated in the wall by using the same material as the wall. In this way the door visually disappears creating a spectacular wallpaper effect. At Tietgen College the pivot doors are integrated in the wall as both door and wall are made from plywood.

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