Flush Doors


Flush doors have a modern and minimalistic design suitable for contemporary architecture. The door's look occurs when the door closer and hinges are integrated in the door. The elements are only visible when the door is opened which brings the door and its materiality into focus.


Flush door in white.

In Saint Paul’s Church the flush doors merge with the wall.

Odder Mortuary

 Beautiful double oak doors in Odder Mortuary.



Double flush door made from oak.

A double door made from oak with contrasting door handle and hinges matches the surrounding walls.


Door with special surface

Typically, you pay most attention to the surface of the door. Vahle makes the surface in any material whether you want veneer, linoleum, micro-cement or something completely different. That way the door can match, for example, the kitchen, wall or floor.


Fire, acoustic and security

If you want the flush door to be fire-rated, acoustic or a security door, these requirements can be integrated without any influence on the design of the door. In this way the internal door can both appear and work as you wish. Learn more about integrated functions

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