Modern Doors


Vahle’s modern doors are typically flush doors with a modern and minimalistic look. This internal door is suitable for new builds in large as well as small scale.


Flush door made from oak.

At BESTSELLER the modern internal doors made from oak have concealed door closers and hinges.


Doors that stand out

A modern door stands out in different ways depending on whether the door acts as an independent element or is integrated in the surface of the wall it is part of. The surface of the door can be made from many different materials to give you the design you wish for.



Performance requirements

Different functions are suitable for different projects. A flush door can be designed with different, integrated functions and work as a double or multi-wing door. See performance requirements

Pivot doors and sliding doors

The look of the modern door is especially popular as pivot doors and sliding doors. Pivot doors can be made in large sizes. They are often integrated in the wall with a stunning visual effect. Likewise sliding doors are available in large sizes and do not take up much space. This gives you extra square meters for decoration.