Classical Doors


We have contributed to many restorations of castles, for example, in which original doors have been lost or new functional requirements prevent using the existing doors. Due to our experience with producing classical doors we guarantee a door you be will be satisfied with.


Classical panel door acting as a fire door. 

The internal doors at Christiansborg Palace are exact copies of the original panel doors from the 1920s.


Panel doors preserving architecture

Vahle makes panel doors that match the architectural period. Regarding restoration projects we build the doors based on old construction methods to match existing doors. With our approach we can create a durable door that preserves the cultural heritage.


Door design with performance requirements

The doors can be designed with integrated functions such as fire, acoustic and security certifications. The doors are available as:

  • Fire doors: EI30, EI60
  • Acoustic doors: 30dB, 35dB
  • Security doors: As EN


Double or multi-wing door

An internal door can work in different ways depending on the project the door is to be part of. If you need to easily connect and separate two rooms, a double or multi-wing door is a possible solution. Or maybe a sliding door is the right door for your project?