Internal Doors


Vahle makes internal doors for both classical and modern architecture. Whether you desire a traditional panel door or a minimalistic flush door the door is always of high quality. We can make your doors exactly as you wish for.


Classical, internal doors

Classical doors often origin from specific wishes to preserve historical architecture. Whether you are renovating a house or a castle, it is possible to create exact replicas of the existing doors – also when the doors must comply with fire, acoustic and security certifications. Find classical door examples


Doors in a modern style

Modern doors typically require innovative solutions which are conceived through a collaborative process between Vahle and the architect. Many clients choose a concealed door closer as well as concealed hinges to create a minimalistic look. Also matching the surface of the door with the surface of the floor or kitchen are popular solutions. Learn more about modern doors

Which door suits you?

A Vahle internal door is created specially to match your wishes and needs. Which type of door you should choose depends on the character of your project. At Vahle we make:



Panel doors in white.

Classical panel door in white acting as a fire and acoustic door.