Our Values


Vahle helps entrepreneurial architects and private design enthusiasts realizing the great door solution that will endure in form, function and feeling.


A product of true craftsmanship

Vahle works hard to spread the architectural possibilities of the door and preserve the true craftsmanship. Our skilled hands and innovative eyes create a sustainable wooden product by uniting craftsmanship, function and design. We make panel doors that preserve history and flush doors that make history.


A quality door provides quality of life

We care about the high quality of the door because we value a good life. Vahle offers professional pride and daily wellbeing when choosing a quality door and quality of life is a conscious act.



Vahle doors are made from solid wood or veneer.

Vahle doors are made from solid wood or veneer. Have a look at these minimalistic fire doors with a surface in oak.

Medarbejdernes evne og engagement er Vahles fundament.

In Mørke, Denmark we produce all internal doors. The employees’ skilled hands and clever eyes guaranty a high-quality door.



In Denmark we manufacture all doors. The employees hold a variety of skills and experiences. Their abilities and commitment are the foundation of the company.


Experienced eyes and hands

We control all processes from start to finish. A great deal of the employees has been at Vahle for more than ten years. Their skilled eyes and hands provide the best quality and ensure your satisfaction when using the door.


Every piece of wood is essential

We are proud of our craftsmanship. Every piece of wood is treated as an important unit in the overall construction of the door. Every single door is made with great care before it is shipped off from Vahle to be fitted in your house.




Throughout decades Vahle has made bespoke doors. Vahle Døre & Vinduer was established in 1976 by Svend Vahle Hansen as a carpentry business.


Craftsmanship must go into the door

When doors requiring fire and acoustic certifications entered the market in the 1980s, the carpenter found that the new manufacturing requirements compromised the craftsmanship. The resulting lack of quality in the doors led Svend Vahle Hansen to start to produce doors where both function and craftsmanship co-exist in the design of the door.


Classical and modern doors

From 1990 the business focused on the production of replica doors suitable for conservative construction. With the approval to produce flush fire doors in 2013, Vahle’s range was expanded by including modern doors. Today Vahle manufactures doors both for historical and contemporary architecture among them pivot doors for the recognized Tietgen College and specially designed doors for BESTSELLER’s new office complex.


Vahle døre er lavet i hånden af erfarne og faglærte medarbejdere.

Function and craftsmanship co-exist in the design of the door. The fire-rated pivot doors for Tietgen College helped develop the potential of the modern door.


Vahle blev grundlagt i 1976 af Svend Vahle Hansen.
In Mørke, Denmark Vahle produce all internal doors.

Vahle’s board of directors creates a solid platform for the company’s future growth, towards new goals and challenges.

Board of Directors


Søren Chr. Madsen – Cand.merc. (chairman)

          CEO of JPS Clemens A/S

Jan Rasmussen – Construction engineer

          CEO of Dansk Administrationscenter A/S

Svend Vahle Hansen – Carpenter

          Founder of Vahle Døre & Vinduer A/S

Birgit Gjøl Nielsen – Cand.oecon.

          DGI Communication & Marketing / Executive Committee

Ole Mølby – Cand.merc.

          CEO of Vahle A/S


Today the company is a stock-based corporation owned by Ole Mølby. He is the main shareholder and handles the daily management. JPS Clemens is the active minority shareholder of the overall company. A professional board of directors oversees the continual development.