Jetrae Entrance Doors


Known as the best entrance door in Denmark, the Jetrae Entrance doorset has high burglar resistance, energy efficiency and noise reduction. These functions are documented with tests from, amongst others, The Danish Technological Institute. The external door can be certified as EI30/EI60.


The door enhances your house

The choice of a good front door is important to create a good first impression of your house. Jetrae Entrance Doors has a range of designs, timber types and handle choices which combine to enhance the overall appearance of any property.


A durable front door

The front door is thoroughly tested in the harsh Nordic climate. Energy saving specifications constantly increase and a Jetrae Entrance Door has impressive energy statistics. You can own a good-looking door for many years as those parts of the door which may wear over time are replaceable.


Facadedør model Barcode af eg.

Entrance door model Barcode made from light oak with a sidelight made from clear glass. The door is designed by Lars Vejen.